Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create my membership management system?
A. When you login in you will see a button to 'create database', this will take you though a wizard to help you create what you need.
Q. Is there any support if I get stuck?
A. Yes, there is telephone and email support during office hours – see our support page for more details
Q. How long will it take me to create my database?
A. A simple membership database can be created in less than 60 seconds using the wizard, more complex databases may take a little longer
Q. Can I add my existing members to the database?
A. Yes, there is an import facility built into MemberReference
Q. Can I email people in my database?
A. Yes – in the Content Management tab in the sidebar menu, you can create emails with header graphics or you can click the Source button and enter your own HTML code
Q. Can I email people to renew their membership?
A. Yes – you can send a fully branded email containing a link to your membership renewal form
Q. I have different membership types – can I ask different information of each type?
A. Yes – you can have as many different membership options as you wish and ask them any questions you want. You simply need to specify your membership types when you create your database
Q. Can I take online payments for membership renewals?
A. Yes – MemberReference has the ability to integrate with many payment gateways, see Taking Payments for more information
Q. Can I sell club merchandise to my members?
A. Yes, there is the ability to offer online products to members and non-members
Q. Is MemberReference secure?
A. Yes – MemberReference is a Reference Technology Limited product. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified. ISO 27001:2017 is an information security standard and is awarded when a company establishes, implements, maintains and continually improves its information security management system (ISMS).
Q. What is the difference between a http and a https site?
A. A http site is an unsecure method of collecting data, whereas a https site is secured as the data is encrypted while travelling across the internet

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